Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Pleasures of Online Dating:

Ahh, the pleasures of the internet. Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, HintCafe, yeah, I've had my share of experiences with each of them. I would think to myself, "wow" all these single men and all of these single women out here and the only thing that brings them together is this platform. Well, let me just say that I find online dating pretty funny at times. I sometimes want to be a personal tutor to the many singles who send me messages that read "hey there sexy, wanna talk" or the other messages "Waz up sexi mama, how u doin n wut is you gon do today". Come on people, learn how to friggin spell. It amazes me how some people cant spell a four letter word but they can type in an 8 letter url. It must be the branding! Yes, I can honestly say that I've dated a few people from dating sites, but for the most part, the success rates have been pretty low.

My first experience was through eharmony and from pretty much the second we first saw each other for the first time, this guy leans over and tells me that he wants to meet my family and he wants me to quit my job because he believes that he should be the bread winner. I mean, I didnt know wheter to take it as a compliment or whether to beat him over the head with my purse. I have goals and I dont need anybody supporting me, so I told him to get me a coffee and think about what he just said.
After the date was finished, I went home and immediately cancelled my subscription. Looking for an alternative and I signed up to Plentyoffish. I joined this site and let me just tell you that it's free for a friggin reason. The guys are disgusting and a bunch of them are married. If you're just looking for a quick round of fun, by all means, knock yourself out. For me however, I'm more interested in dating professionals who know how to carry themselves. Needless to say, I got plenty of messages, but I never dated anyone from here - it just seemed soo raunchy to me.

Anyways, I checked out a few other dating sites and found myself dating a few times. I found that niche sites were actually better than the bigger ones because there arent as many people and the people that are there are serious about finding someone, or at least thats what it seems like. I'm actually going on a first date with someone tomorrow and hopefully, I wont be offered a free pass or find out the guys married. Hopefully this guy is sane and is in the same realm of reality as I am. Que serra serra.

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